Dillzilla brought many new challenges. This film demanded special effects shooting and outside of the box thinking. The challenge was to spoof 1950’s horror films and still inspire the eyes, mind and soul.

I kept the designs to a basic, clean and an instant read. I researched old films and studied the techniques of the great masters of that time. Their work was limited by small budgets and quick deadlines. The use of deep focus, split screen, forced perspective, model sets and stop motion were all used.  I utilized their discoveries and whenever possible relied upon the hands on, physical technique.  

 Below is the scene from the film. 

Below are the story boards for his appearance on Main Street in Dillville, USA.

DillZilla Page.001 for WS.jpg
DillZilla Page .002 for WS.jpg
Dillzilla Page .003 for WS.jpg